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01. Estate Planning

Estate Planning


            A Last Will and Testament is a document that most people are familiar with when it comes to estate planning. It is a document that if valid will help guide the probate court is distributing assets after death. If a person passes away without a valid Will, they will have been deemed to die intestate. If the probate court determines that a person has passed away intestate, the court will apply a series of statutory laws to determine how the estate should be divided.


Revocable living Trusts


            A Revocable living trust is a document that allows the person creating more power in determining how to distribute assets after their death. A revocable trust also allows for a person to remain in control of their assets until the time comes to pass them on. Also, this type of trust can avoid the complex Nevada probate process.


Power of Attorneys


            Springing Power of Attorney


                        This document allows a person of your choosing to act on your behalf to make financial decisions in case you are unable.


            Medical Power of Attorney


                        This document allows for a person of your choosing to make medical decisions on your behalf. It also can provide guidance to your wishes when you are unable to make them known.

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